Helper modules

pfsspy.plot Module


contour(phi, costheta, field, levels[, ax])
radial_cut(phi, costheta, field[, ax])

pfsspy.coords Module

Helper functions for coordinate transformations used in the PFSS domain.

The PFSS solution is calculated on a “strumfric” grid defined by

  • \(\rho = \log (r)\)
  • \(s = \cos (\theta )\)
  • \(\phi\)

where \(r, \theta, \phi\) are spherical cooridnates that have ranges

  • \(1 < r < r_{ss}\)
  • \(0 < \theta < \pi\)
  • \(0 < \phi < 2\pi\)

The transformation between cartesian coordinates used by the tracer and the above coordinates is given by

  • \(x = r\sin (\theta) \cos (\phi)\)
  • \(y = r\sin (\theta) \sin (\phi)\)
  • \(z = r \cos (\theta)\)


cart2strum(x, y, z) Convert cartesian coordinates to strumfric coordinates.
strum2cart(rho, s, phi) Convert strumfric coordinates to cartesian coordinates.