Contributing to pfsspy

pfsspy is a community package, and contributions are welcome from anyone. This includes reporting bugs, requesting new features, along with writing code and improving documentation.

Reporting Issues

If you use pfsspy and stumble upon a problem, the best way to report it is by opening an issue on the GitHub issue tracker. This way we can help you work around the problem and hopefully fix the problem!

When reporting an issue, please try to provide a short description of the issue with a small code sample, this way we can attempt to reproduce the error. Also provide any error output generated when you encountered the issue, we can use this information to debug the issue.

Requesting new features

If there is functionality that is not currently available in pfsspy you can make a feature request on the issue page. Please add as much information as possible regarding the new feature you would like to see.

Improving documentaion

If something doesn’t make sense in the online documentation, please open an issue. If you’re comfortable fixing it, please open a pull request to the pfsspy repository.

Contributing code

All code contributions to pfsspy are welcome! If you would like to submit a contribution, please open a pull request at the pfsspy repository. It will then be reviewed, and if it is a useful addition merged into the main code branch.

If you are new to open source development, the instructions in these links might be useful for getting started: