pfsspy documentation

pfsspy is a python package for carrying out Potential Field Source Surface modelling, a commonly used magnetic field model of the Sun and other stars.


From David Stansby, the lead author of pfsspy:

pfsspy has been archived, and is no longer developed - I no longer work in Solar Physics, and do not have time to maintain or support the package. pfsspy will probably continue working in the short term, but incompatibilities with dependencies will appear some point. The beauty of open source is that someone (maybe you!) can fork the code, and maintain, update, and improve it. If you do, I’d be greatful if you chose a new name for it and acknowledged the heritage of pfsspy in the new package.

Thanks to everyone who has contributed, whether through code or otherwise - this was a large part of my professional identity at the time, and I’m proud of the science it helped enable 😊



If you use pfsspy in work that results in publication, please cite the Journal of Open Source Software paper at https://doi.org/10.21105/joss.02732. A ready made bibtex entry is

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