pfsspy.utils.car_to_cea(m, method='interp')

Reproject a plate-carée map in to a cylindrical-equal-area map.

The solver used in pfsspy requires a magnetic field map with values equally spaced in sin(lat) (ie. a CEA projection), but some maps are provided equally spaced in lat (ie. a CAR projection). This function reprojects a CAR map into a CEA map so it can be used with pfsspy.

  • m ( – Input map

  • method (str) – Reprojection method to use. Can be 'interp' (default), 'exact', or 'adaptive'. See reproject for a description of the different methods. Note that different methods will give different results, and not all will conserve flux.


output_map – Re-projected map. All metadata is preserved, apart from CTYPE{1,2} and CDELT2 which are updated to account for the new projection.

Return type

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